Hello and welcome to Northwest Santa 2016!  Northwest Santa has been visiting homes in the Puget Sound since 2009.  We’ve visited over 5000 children, giving each the chance to sit on Santa’s lap, tell Santa their Christmas wish and have even provided a gift to each.  Please check back on Nov. 25th for a chance to sign up.  The number of children we can visit is dependent on the number of volunteers we have.  Several of our key volunteers have retired and/or moved away.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email us, santa@nwsanta.org

Top 5 questions:

Q.  Is there a charge for this?

A.  No.  We never have and we never will.  Northwest Santa is run and funded by volunteers who give up our time and resources to see the smile on a child’s face.  If you are willing and able, we take donations to help fund Northwest Santa or we will collect non-perishable food that we donate to local food banks.

Q.  Is this for real and safe?

A.  Yes.  We have hundreds of families who invite us back year after year.  Check out our Facebook page for testimonials.  All Northwest Santa volunteers who contact children are background checked.

Q.  Can I sign up for a specific time?

A.  Unfortunately no.  At one time we allowed families to pick certain dates, but as you can imagine with 1000+ children to visit, Santa has to plan his route as efficiently as possible.  We do our best, though, to deal with special requests when we can.  We will have a list of dates by zip code on Thanksgiving.

Q. I live in ??????.  Your map doesn’t include me or I can’t be available on the dates you will be visiting.  Can I still get a visit?

A.  We’re very sorry but we learned our lesson trying to schedule around everyone else’s schedule.  We will need to limit the amount of homes we visit based on the number of volunteers that we have and the most efficient routes from the Puget Sound to the North Pole.

Q.  How does this whole thing work?

A.  You sign up via our website.  We have a limited number of spots, so be sure to sign up early.  We will give you a night and a time and we show up, bringing Santa to your home.  Santa will come in, visit with your kids, pose for photos and maybe have a special gift for your child.  After a few minutes, Santa will take his leave and head back to the North Pole.  That’s it.  It’s pretty simple, right?


And of course, How do I sign up?

Just click here!