NW Santa relies on a  group of hard working volunteers.  The story of NW Santa is one of need outpacing our capacity. Inspired by a similar group that did this on a very small scale decades ago, our family decided that the old days don’t have to be the only good days and kids should be able to have that same experience we had as kids. While our family continues to run the organization we could not visit the several thousand children that we do without a great group of volunteers.

We are happy to have volunteers in all capacities. As you can imagine, we are very selective about our volunteers that are the face of our group – those that visit our children. Please know that all NW Santa volunteers who will come in contact with children will be background checked through the WSP.


We generally have the following roles:

Gift Sourcing: We strive to provide each child a gift from Santa. Gifts need not be expensive. Only adults place a dollar value on gifts. Kids enjoy them regardless of the cost. We need people to help source new, unwrapped gifts. We need gifts for boys and girls age 0 to 18. Yes, even big kids can count on something from Santa.

Gift Wrapping: Each year we hold several “wrapping parties”. These potluck events have become THE event for many at Christmas time. Hours of selecting and wrapping presents may seem to be a chore but with all of the Christmas stories and good cheer, we have volunteers who come back year after year.

Donation Procurement: As much as we all love giving gifts, our Santa’s would not be, well, Santa without the Santa suit. Every year that we grow, we add new “Santa teams” and with that come Santa suits, elf suits, beards, bags and bells. These volunteers help us find people or organizations willing to sponsor these purchases.

Administrative Help: Mrs. Santa arranges times, schedules and maps. At times she needs help with this and all other administrative activities that go into planning visits to hundreds of houses.  There are a very limited number of volunteers that are selected for this.

The following positions require Background Checks and are selective positions based on need, availability and experience.

Drivers: The nights we visit are hectic.  As you can imagine, it is quite the production.  Our drivers probably work harder than anyone.  Drivers are responsible for making the trains sleighs run on time.  You will be given a list of houses, a map and a time schedule.  Your job is to get Santa around to all of the houses on time and most importantly safely.  Drivers are responsible for their own vehicles and gas.  At times we have gas cards to hand out but not often.  *

Santa’s Helpers / Elves:  Another hard worker on visit nights.  The helpers responsibility is to do “everything else”.  Santa will be Santa and the driver will get you there.  But our helpers will open doors for Santa, fix suits, load presents into Santa’s bag, check locations and everything and anything else Santa needs.  Remember, you are helping a magical Saint that is over 100 years old.  *

Santa:  Santa is Santa.  Not much more we can say here.  You ride along and be Santa.  Our philosophy is this.  Once you leave HQ, you are Santa. THE Santa.  You don’t act like Santa, you ARE Santa.  To everyone you see.  Kids, adults, people driving by and in the McDonald’s drive-through.  You are simply, Santa.  *


*  These positions require background checks.  You will be required to attend a one night training for our Santa Teams.  You will, hopefully, be paired with someone from previous years that has experience and know how we run things.  For these positions we will ask you for a firm commitment.  We schedule based on the availability of Santa teams.

****Please note we will be providing Santa visits in a limited amount of Zip Codes and on JBLM.  Please see our zip code map.

To Volunteer, email us at Santa@nwsanta.org