Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Q. Is there a charge for this?

A. No. We never have and we never will. Northwest Santa is run and funded by volunteers who give up our time and resources to see the smile on a child’s face. If you are willing and able, we take donations to help fund Northwest Santa or we will collect non-perishable food that we donate to local food banks.

Q. Is this for real and safe?

A. Yes. We have hundreds of families who invite us back year after year. Check out our Facebook page for testimonials. All Northwest Santa volunteers who contact children are background checked.

Q.  Will you come anywhere?

A.  Unfortunately we need to place a few limits.  First, you must be in the Zip Codes that we service (98371,98372,98373,98374,98375,98360,98390,98391,98321,98338).  Second, we ask that you have a child 10 or under — or a special needs child.

Q. Can I sign up for a specific time?

A. Unfortunately no. At one time we allowed families to pick certain dates, but as you can imagine with 1000+ children to visit, Santa has to plan his route as efficiently as possible.  We do our best, though, to deal with special requests when we can.  We will have a list of dates by zip code on Thanksgiving.

Q. Why do you do this?

A. When we were young in small town rural America a grocery store owner and his crew did the same for us. As kids, then later as parents, we relied on him every year to bring a smile to our kids’ face. And now, years later and a few thousand miles away, we pay it forward. Why? Because we can.

Q.  Can I hire Santa for my office or home Christmas Party?

A.  No.  NW Santa only provides visits to homes during our scheduled nights.

Q.  I know of someone who will not have Christmas this year because of an economic predicament.  Can you help?

A.  Yes.  Often times we can help.  The NW Santa donors have been very generous to us.  We will do all we can to make sure any child in our area has a Christmas.  Contact us at and let us know the situation.  Please know they must be within the areas we service for us to consider this request.